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| Fraze cu litera B
A few.
A little.
Cu mult timp in urma
A long time ago.
Un bilet numai dus
A one way ticket.
Un bilet dus-intors
A round trip ticket.
Circa 300 de kilometrii
About 300 kilometers.
Vizavi de oficiul postal
Across from the post office.
Toata ziua
All day.
Pronunt corect?
Am I pronouncing it correctly?
Amy este prietena lui John
Amy is John`s girlfriend.
Si tu?
And you?
Anything else?
Sunt acolo niste concerte?
Are there any concerts?
Ei vin in aceasta seara?
Are they coming this evening?
Ei sunt aceiasi?
Are they the same?
Iti este frica?
Are you afraid?
Esti alergic la ceva?
Are you allergic to anything?
Esti American?
Are you American?
Esti ocupat?
Are you busy?
Te simti confortabil?
Are you comfortable?
Vii in seara asta?
Are you coming this evening?
Esti liber diseara?
Are you free tonight?
Ai de gand sa iei parte la nunta lor?
Are you going to attend their wedding?
Ai de gand sa o ajuti?
Are you going to help her?
Ai de gand sa iei un avion sau un tren?
Are you going to take a plane or train?
Esti aici singur?
Are you here alone?
Iti este foame?
Are you hungry?
Esti ingrijorat?
Are you married?
Esti ok?
Are you okay?
Esti gata?
Are you ready?
Esti bolnav?
Are you sick?
Esti sigur?
Are you sure?
Astepti pe cineva?
Are you waiting for someone?
Muncesti azi?
Are you working today?
Muncesti maine?
Are you working Tomorrow?
Sunt copiii tai cu tine?
Are your children with you?
Cat de devreme posibil
As soon as possible.
La ora 3 ziua
At 3 o`clock in the afternoon.
La ora 3
At 3 o`clock.
Pe a 5a strada
At 5th street.
La ora 7noaptea
At 7 o`clock at night.
La ora 7 dimineata
At 7 o`clock in the morning.
La ce ora s-a intamplat?
At what time did it happen?
La ce ora?
At what time?