Fortele de munca
Intampinat de receptioner
Greeting by Receptionist

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A:Buna, sunt aici pentru interviu.
Hi, I am here for my job interview.
B:Bine, luati loc. Va pot aduce niste apa sau cafea?
Fine, have a seat. May I get you some water or coffee?
A:Sigur, multumesc.
Sure, thank you.
B:Va voi aduce asta chiar acum.
Iíll get that for you right now.
A:Multumesc. Ce birou dragut aveti.
Thank you. What a nice office this is!
B:Da, puteti intra acum? Va voi duce sa va intalniti cu intervievatorul dumneavoastra, Domnul Gotcha.
Yes, could you come in now? I am going to take you back to meet your interviewer, Mr. Gotcha.

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